Monday, June 8, 2009

13th Nepal Education and Book Fair

The 13th Nepal Education and Book Fair was held at Bhrikuti Mandap which was organized by Global Exposition and Management Servicing Pvt. Ltd. The event was inaugurated by poet Durga Lal Shrestha. Nepali writers Karna Shakya and Jagdish Ghimire spoke at the ceremony.
The fair started from 15th May till 23rd May, 2009. May 21st ,2009 we the students of media studies visited the 13th book fair at Bhrikuti Mandap. There were around 51 book stalls including the colleges, abroad consultancies, computer institutes etc.
Beside the Book Fair, Nepal Science and Exhibition and Competition also attracted many visitors. But in comparison to the previous book fair, this time there were very less number of visitors.
The fair had course book, novels, childrens' book, biographies, programming books and many more. The stalls had very few numbers of buyers. The stall owner even informed us that they have to think quite hard to put the stall next year.

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steve joj said...

We were unable to hold an onsite book fair this year due to construction on our library so we tried a virtual book fair with our current provider, Bookworm Central, and was very happy with our results. This gave our parents the option to shop Bookworm’s entire inventory. In the future, we will always hold a virtual book fair in conjunction to our onsite book fair